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Iven de Hoon

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About Me

Iven De Hoon has 25 years of fiscal and legal experience. For more than 10 years he was editor in chief of the wide-spread Belgian fiscal information letter “Tips en Advies Belastingen” (Tips & Advice – taxes) and “Tips en Advies Vastgoed” (Tips & Advice – real estate) at publishing company Indicator, which still works very closely with him for several publications.

Iven De Hoon wrote a number of books and articles on taxation. His trademark is a smooth, open style. Even the toughest subjects become understandable and captivating. Next to asset planning, his biggest passion is international taxation, especially everything offshore. He has, without a doubt, become the offshore specialist of the Benelux.Recently he wrote a enlightening book on the matter: “Belastingparadijzen (Tax Havens”), and how to make yourself invisible to the tax inspector (published in Dutch and French) published by Roularta.

Iven De Hoon is educated as a lawyer with additional specialisation at the acclaimed Vlerick Institute.

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